Get Ready for 2021

Almost every year, God gives me a word for the year. This year my word is Get Ready. This can mean a lot of things to different people, and I pray God shows you what it means for you. What I do know is God is about to do something unusual and different, and we need to be ready for whatever He decides to do.

Therefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and rest your hope fully upon the grace that is to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ. 1 Peter 1:13 NKJV

Get Ready in the Scripture normally refers to the Second Coming of the Lord. We always need to be ready for Christ’s return, but there are other reasons to get ready. We have gone through a year of shaking. Many of us were unable to advance the Kingdom like we had hoped. Instead, we had to hold on for dear life and hope the shaking wouldn’t last much longer. Guess what? The year is now 2021, and the shaking is still going on. It’s time to get ready.

To do that, we need a revelation of Jesus Christ that is so real that our hope is fully in Him. We need to gird up our loins and prepare to advance the Kingdom of God no matter what is shaken around us. Children need to hear the Gospel. They need to know they can hold onto God’s grace and put their hope in Him even when things around them are falling apart.

As children’s ministers, it is our calling to advance the Kingdom to them. To do that, we need to Get Ready to do whatever the Spirit leads us to do in whatever situation or shaking that comes along.

We survived 2020, but get ready. We are about to take 2021 for the Kingdom of God.

2 thoughts on “Get Ready for 2021

  1. INDEED .. love this! We have but one King ..our King of Heaven! Prepping for the battle that will be fought on our knees! God has been pushing me to some strange things. In Costco I passed by this HUGE bag of Pinto Beans (25 pounds) .. something sparked in my brain – get prepared – but I ignored it. My mind balking at the whole $13 it cost. I could feel God whisper across my mind the stories of the siege of Jerusalem and what price was paid for food then. Uneasily, I still ignored it and walked on. Now in our town we have a cult and my sweet neighbor is a part of that cult. Even tho we are (as they say) monkey mind (aka not evolved) she loves us and we try to shine the light of Christ on her and the fam all the time. She begins her convo with discussions of us being prepared .. God was clanging a bell in my brain now LOL Did He need to send word thru her? Yes! Apparently I am thick. When she finished I relented and repented .. rolled that cart back and hefted that bag of beans into my cart. Will they ever be necessary .. IDK ..only God knows these things. BUT the lesson in immediate obedience I will not forget. Things do not have to make sense to obey AND He will use whatever means to urge us to obey that He needs to use! Now why am I writing this here .. I have no idea. Maybe to share with someone who might understand the odd behavior of obeying and being called to be prepared. Blessed day to you. Lets be prepared (time to buy knee pads).

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