How A Children’s Pastor Gets Ready For Christmas In One Week

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 As a children’s pastor, you may have been so busy preparing for the Christmas program, Christmas parties, and Christmas lessons that you haven’t had time to get ready for your own family’s Christmas. Don’t worry. Here’s a guide on how to get ready for Christmas in only one week.

Wednesday: In the morning, clean the house and get it ready to decorate. In the evening, order all presents online. You may not be able to get the latest gadget that everybody is running out of by shopping online, but the peace of mind is worth it.

Thursday: Decorate the house. This is more fun if you play Christmas carols and involve the whole family. Or if you’re not married, invite some friends over for a decorating party.

Friday: Now that the house is decorated, spend the day doing Christmas cards, planning menus, and making grocery lists. Use email cards if most of your list is online. Then finish any last minute preparations for your children’s program or children’s church on Sunday. If you prepared anything at all yet, choose from a list of Christmas lessons at this link. Or you could show a Christmas movie. This link has some of my favorites.

Saturday: This is your shopping day. Place something in the crock pot before you go, or plan to meet the family at a restaurant at the end of the day. Since you’ve bought all your presents online, use this day to go to the grocery store and buy the things you need for baking and for Christmas dinner. You can also get any stocking stuffers you need like batteries, candy canes, and chocolate. If you enjoy holiday decorations at the mall, this is the time to go. You’ll be able to enjoy it without having to stand in line for hours because your shopping is done.

Sunday: You should have all your children’s ministry obligations done after this Sunday service. After church, watch a Christmas movie, go to a Christmas musical or play, or go to dinner at a restaurant with friends or family. Then in the evening, drive around to see all the Christmas decorations. This should put you in the mood.

Monday: This is your baking day. Have the family help and spend the day baking cookies, deserts, and holiday dishes you can prepare ahead of time.

Tuesday (Christmas Eve): Spend the morning wrapping the presents that should have arrived by now. Hide them or place them under the tree. Buy some donuts or pastry for everyone to eat while they’re opening up gifts. In the evening do something special. If your church is one of the many that plan Christmas Eve Services, enjoy the special service. Or you might visit family on Christmas Eve. Before you go to bed, set the table with your best linens and china.

Christmas Day: Get up early before the kids and fix a pot of hot chocolate and place the pastries on a Christmas tray in the livingroom. Get your roast, ham or turkey in the oven on low. After opening gifts and eating breakfast, enjoy the rest of the day knowing you have everything under control.

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