Ideas For Celebrating Mother’s Day

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Mother's DayMother’s Day is an important day for children. It a day when children honor their mothers, the backbone of the family. Here’s a few ideas for celebrating mothers and promoting family.

Family Game Night: Have a night for children and parents to get together at church and play board games.

Family Picnic: Have a picnic where children invite their families. Have special events or prizes just for mothers.

Mother/Daughter Tea Party: Instead of a mother/daughter banquet, how about a mother/daughter tea party. Have each mother and daughter bring their favorite tea cups and give out prizes for the prettiest, funniest, and most unusual. You could have a mother daughter look-a-like contest. You could also have a fashion show with old-fashioned clothes that were popular when the mothers were children or have mothers and daughters dress alike.

Gifts and Cards: Have children make gifts and homemade cards for their mothers during Sunday School or Children’s Church. Present the presents on Mother’s Day.

Mom’s Night Out: Give mom’s a night out by providing a fun night at the church where you’ll take care of their kids.

Special Mother’s Day Service: On Mother’s Day, have the children sing or do a drama in honor of their mothers.

Pictures: Have someone take photographs of mothers and their children on Mother’s Day.

Picture Contest: Collect pictures of moms when they were young and pictures of the children in your church. Have a contest for people to guess which children go with which mother. Give prizes for the winners.

Honor Mothers: Honor each mother who comes to church on Mother’s Day with a rose. Announce the oldest mother and the mother with the most children.

Children’s Message: In children’s church, preach a message on how children can honor their mothers.

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