If You Want to Do Gospel Illusions, You Need These 5 Objects

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Here are 5 basic inexpensive Gospel illusion objects that can be used in a variety of Biblical applications. None of these take a lot of training or work to use.

me with fireFlash Paper: Flash paper is paper that burns so quickly that it will burn up before it hits the floor. I also won’t leave any ash. Flash paper is great to use in Bible stories where there is fire like the 3 Hebrew boys in the fiery furnace, Moses and the burning bush, or when Elijah brought down fire from Heaven. You could also write something on the flash paper to illustrate how God can take away sin, worry, sickness or a multitude of other things.

Dissolvo Paper: Dissolvo Paper is paper that dissolved in water. Use it to illustrate something God will was away. This link has a great object lesson using dissolve paper.

Lotta Bowl: A lotta bowl is a bowl that never runs out of water. At least it seems to never run out. There is a trick to it. Use the lotta bowl to show God’s love (mercy, grace, healing, victory, patience, etc.) never runs dry.

Thumb Tip: A thumb tip is a tip you place over your thumb where you can hide small objects or silks. You’ll never run out of reasons to make something disappear.

DSC_1371Stiff Rope: This is a rope you can make stand straight up. When your students try to do it, they can’t. It’s a great device to teach about faith.

You can find these objects and more Gospel Illusions at your local magic store or at these online sites.

Creative Arts Store

The Magic Emporium

Gospel Magic Company






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