Keys to Being an Effective Children’s Minister

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People are always looking for a new formula to make them effective as children’s pastors, leaders, and teachers. But the keys to being an effective leader in children’s ministry have never changed.

Spend time in the presence of God: There’s no shortcut to this. If you spend time in the presence of God reading Scripture, praying, and seeking His guidance, you will be effective. Here’s some things to do while you are spending time with God.

Pray regularly for students. There is no quicker way to love your students and have a passion for leading them to God than to pray for each of them by name.

Pray for church leaders. Sometimes we do children’s ministry in a vacuum, but the truth is that children’s ministry won’t be effective if the rest of the church is not healthy. Your pastor and leaders need wisdom and guidance from God.

Pray for the anointing as you come before your class each week. People confuse what the anointing means at times. Basically it’s God giving you His ability to do what He’s called you to do.

Pray for a Word from the Lord every week.  Bible stories and games are fine, but they mean nothing if the children’s lives are not changed.

Rest in God’s presence until you have a vision and a clear direction for your class.  If that direction is from God, it will correspond with the vision of the pastor and leaders.

Fast. This is not something we like to hear in today’s society, but it was assumed in Scripture that Jesus’ disciples would fast.

Remember the Lid Principle. Basically the lid principle says that we can’t rise above our leadership. That means that your students can’t rise spiritually above where you are.

Set goals for your ministry. Spend time prayerfully considering what goals you want for your ministry. Set attainable yearly, quarterly, and weekly goals.

Prepare for class time, services, and events. Have a plan for everything you do and work the plan to be successful.

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