Learn How to Do Gospel Illusions with These Resources

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DSC_1371Gospel Illusions are a very effective way to do object lessons with a WOW factor in your children’s ministry. Many times children’s pastors stay away from it though because they think it would be hard to do. It does take some practice to master Gospel illusions, but anyone can do it if they put in the time. If you want to add Gospel Illusions to your skill set for children’s ministry, it would be helpful learning the craft. Here’s a few resources to help.

Learn the Basics:

Greater Gospel Magic by Duane Laffin (Christian)

On Stage with Illusions by Duane Laflin (Christian)

Mark Wilson’s Complete Course in Magic (Secular)

Professional Training:

The Original Tarbell Lessons Complete Course  (Secular)

This is considered to be the premier course for learning to be a magician. This course is for those who want to go to the professional level.

The Original Tarbell Lesson Vol. 1  (Secular)

If you’d like to start the Tarbell course but don’t have the money for the complete volume, you could start here.

Spiritual Applications for Tarbell (Christian)

If you decide to study using Tarbell, this is a great book to have. It gives spiritual applications for the lessons you learn in the course.

Books with Gospel Tricks You Can Do:

Amazing Lessons with Gospel Magic: Object Lessons with a Twist

Effective Gospel Magic

Amazing Gospel Illusions You Can Make

12 Gospel Tricks

12 Gospel Tricks with a Rope

12 Gospel Tricks with a Thumb Tip

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