Memorizing Scripture

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Most children’s pastors agree that getting kids to memorize Scripture is a challenge. Here’s a few tips to help.

Repetition: The easiest way to memorize is by repetition. Yet in children’s church programs throughout the country, the memory verse may only be mentioned once. Repetition is vital to help children memorize Scripture. When your planning your children’s service, schedule at least three times to mention the verse. At the beginning, introduce the verse and tell what it means. Somewhere in the middle, rehearse the verse by having an activity where children need to repeat the verse several times. At the end, take some time to review the verse. Also mention the verse several times throughout the service, during gametime, in skits, during object lessons, and during the message.

Offer Incentives: Make it fun for children to memorize Scripture by offering prizes to those who do.

Apply the Scripture: Learning Scripture word for word isn’t effective if the child doesn’t apply it to his life. Teach your students what the verse means, and how they can apply it to their lives. Make sure it fits with the lesson you’re teaching. It also helps if you let them memorize it in a version that’s not at a 12th grade reading level.

Give Homework: If you want children to memorize Scripture, give them the verses to go over at home. You can do this in two ways. At the beginning of a series, give students a list of the verses that will be used. Every week, give students a coloring picture or activity sheet with next week’s verse. I suggest you do both.

Clubs and Bible Quiz Teams: If you have a Christian club or Bible Quiz Team at your church, make sure memorizing Scripture is a major part of that club.

Do you have any effective ways to teach children Scripture? Leave a comment and share.

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  1. I have a passport book for each child. Each week they write in the memory verse of the week. The following week they will receive a stamp on that page if they have memorized it. The kids were really into this. They were very eager each week to get that passport stamp. At the end of the year the person who had the most stamps who a prize.

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