7 Vital New Years Resolutions for Children’s Pastors

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Most children’s pastors I know make resolutions to be more organized, the have more events, to be more productive, etc. But here’s some vital resolutions most children’s pastors neglect to make.

Spend time with God that has nothing to do with your ministry. Children’s pastors work hard to find a word from God every week for their ministry. But your ministry isn’t the only part of you God wants to deal with. Resolve to spend time with God this year just to be with Him.

Take time off. If you’re constantly working harder at children’s ministry and never taking time to relax, you will get burned out. Even Jesus took time away from ministry.

Get healthy. Exercise. Eat Right. Get plenty of sleep. Even small steps toward getting healthy will give you the energy you need to effectively do ministry.

Spend time with your family. Have date nights with your spouse that nobody can interrupt. Schedule family nights. Your family is your most important ministry.

Decide what events to cut. You don’t have to have children’s ministry events every month. Decide which ones are effective, and cancel the rest.

Take time to dream big. Don’t get in the rut of always doing Children’s Ministry the same way. Set aside time for you and your team to dream up new ways of doing ministry.

Mentor others to take your place. The most effective leaders are those who duplicate themselves. Train up leaders to do what you do so you can accomplish more.

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