Puppet Stages

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The type of puppet stage you use will affect the your puppet ministry. You could use resources you already have such as a window or a door with a curtain, or you can build or buy one. Here’s some puppet stages you could use.

PVC Pipe: A few years ago, everybody was making puppet stages out of PVC pipe. The reason not very many people are stillĀ using this kind of stage is because it is flimsy and falls down easily. If you do go this route, glue the pipes together to make them sturdier.

Tripod: This is the most popular store bought stage. It comes with curtains and metal tripods to hold it up. It is collapsible and easy to story. Here are pics of two versions of tripod stages.


Handmade Wooden Stage with hinges: Another great stage is a handmade wooden stage with hinges so it can fold for easy storage. These stages are easy to make and can be painted to reflect any theme.

Muslin Backdrop: If you make your own stage with a curtain backdrop, use muslin as the material. Behind the stage paint the wall black. Keep the lights on in front of the stage. This way, the puppeteers can see the audience, but the audience can’t see the puppeteer.




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