Ready To Serve Christ Children’s Church Lesson Game

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Today, I’m posting a game you can use for this lesson, Ready to Serve Christ. Use the italics as an example of what you can say to the children. Next week, Ill post a way for the children to learn the memory verse and a Bible story to use with this lesson.


Focus Point:  God wants us to be Ready to live the Christian life, Expecting God to move and Determined to share the Gospel.

Goal:  Children will learn to look for opportunities to serve God with boldness..

Focus Verse: Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong. 1 Corinthians 16:13 



Game Time:  Getting Ready for Emergencies


Items needed:  2 oversized pairs of pants, 2 oversized shirts, 2 pairs of large boots, 2 hats


There are a lot of things we get ready for.  Can you name a few?  Have the children name some things we need to get ready for.  Fire fighters have to get ready to go to a fire at a moment’s notice.  Even in the middle of the night, if the fire alarm sounds, fire fighters have to jump up, get dressed and run to the fire truck in only a few seconds.  Today we are going to see how good we would be as fire fighters.


Divide all of the children into two teams for a clothing relay.  The game starts when you sound the alarm by yelling Emergency.  The first child on each team will get dressed in pants, a shirt, a pair of boots and a hat and run to the other side of the room and back making noises like a fire truck.  Then the child will take off the clothes as the next child puts them on and does the same.  The team who finishes first wins.


It’s very important for fire fighters to be ready when there’s a fire.  It’s even more important for Christians to be ready to do what God wants.

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