Reasons to have Children’s Church

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Children’s Church is important. It’s also important to understand why you have Children’s Church.

Wrong Reasons:

Parents want to enjoy the service. We should have children’s church to minister to children, not to convenience parents.

Children disrupt the adult service. If the adult service is the best place for children to be, that shouldn’t matter. We should have children’s church to minister to children.

We need something for the children to attract adults to the church. Children’s ministries do attract parents because they want what is best for the children. But we should have children’s ministry because we want what is best for the children, not to get more adults in church.

We want to teach children about God so that when they are older, they will serve Him. Children’s ministry should emphasize to children that God wants them to serve Him now, not just when they are older.

Right Reasons:

Children are a part of the body of Christ and should have a worship service they can relate to.

85% of all Christians are saved between the age of 4 and 14 years old. That means our resources and time are better spent reaching out to children.

Children need to be saved, sanctified, and serving in the church. Children don’t have a junior Holy Spirit. They can be saved, sanctified and Spirit filled

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