Resolution #5 – Attract More Children To Your Church

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Attracting more children to your church is a goal every children’s pastor has, and it can be done easily and effectively with four easy steps.

1. Pray.

Don’t only pray for numbers. Pray that God is in the middle of your children’s ministry and that His desire for souls is at the center of your desire to attract more children. Too many pastors, churches, and children’s ministries start with the right motives but, at some point because of pride, start wanting more numbers because it makes them look good. Your first prayer should be to change your heart’s desire into what God’s desire is not for numbers.

Your second prayer should be to ask God to give you plans and creativity. If you do ministry the way you always have, you’ll always have what you’ve always had. Ask God to show you what you should focus on changing this coming year.

2. Have an effective children’s ministry.

This should go without saying, but it doesn’t. No matter how many children you get in the doors, if you don’t have something effective for them when they get there, they won’t stay.

God will only give you what you can handle. If you have twenty children and want to double that by the end of the year, start having workers, classes, and programs that will work if fifty children show up.

3. Have Effective Outreach.

There are only so many children who will come through your doors without outreach. It’s your job to go into the highways and byways and compel them to come in.

Here areĀ a few effective outreach activities your children’s ministry could have:

Block Parties

Park Ministry

Vacation Bible School

Sidewalk Sunday School

Easter Party

School Bible Clubs

Kids Crusade

4. Follow-Up:

This is a step that most churches fail at. They have a great outreach event, lots of children come, many are saved, but then they never hear from the church until the next large outreach event.

Once a child comes to one of your event, make a personal contact through a letter and a phone call. Meet the parents, and invite them to church. Ask if they have any prayer needs they would like you to remember. That’s what will get them inside your church doors for more than an event.

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