Fun, Simple Games For Children’s Ministry

IMG_0009If you’re looking for some games with little planning that you can do when service runs over, here are a few you can use.

Mummy Game:

Supplies: 2 rolls of toilet paper.

Choose 4 children for each team. One child on each team is the mummy. Start some music. The teamsĀ have until the music stops playing to wrap their mummies. The team with the best looking mummy wins.

Application: Mummies in the movies are dead, but they walk around and act like their alive. Scripture tells us to be alive in Christ and dead to sin. When we do that, we can be “spiritual mummies”.

Jesus says:

Suppies: None

Similar to Simon Says only you say Jesus says.

Application: We should always obey Christ and do what He says.

DSC_1175Get Rid of Sin:

Supplies: Beach Balls

Have children divide up into two teams. Each teams sits or stands on their side of the room. Throw the balls out evenly and start the music. Tell the children that the balls represent sin. They want to get rid of them and bounce them to the other side. When the music stops, the team with the least balls wins.

Application: Just as we tried to get rid of those beach balls, we should get rid of the sin in our lives.

Fruit Basket:

Supplies: Chairs formed in a circle. You should have one less chair than the number of kids.

Go around the circle and assign each child a fruit. Apples, Oranges, Bananas, Grapes, Pears. If there are less than 15 kids, only use three fruits. The child standing in the center of the circle is it and calls out a fruit. When a child’s fruit is called, he has to stand up and find another chair. When a child calls fruit basket, all the children have to find other chairs.

Application: Fruit of the Spirit