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Final Round Children’s Ministry Blog Contest

I didn’t make it to the final round of the March Madness Children’s Ministry Contest. But I was honored to make it to round two along with sixteen of the best children’s ministry blogs in the nation. If you voted for me, thank you.

Four Blogs made it to the final round. To vote for one, click here. Here’s a list of the blogs that made it.

Lemon Lime Kids

A fresh approach to leading and teaching children – I voted for this blog that is so informative and helpful.

Children’s Ministry Online (Kenny Conley)

Kenny Conley is very involved in the Orange movement.

Sam Luce

This fulltime children’s pastor’s blog talks a lot about leadership.

Children’s Ministry 1234

This is a fun blog with lots of resources.

I also suggest you look at the other blogs in the 100 top children’s ministry blog widget on my sidebar. There’s a wealth of information out there pertaining to children’s ministry.