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A Children’s Pastor Is A Mentor

Ephesians 4:12   Their responsibility is to equip God’s people to do his work and build up the church, the body of Christ.

Mentor: a trusted counselor or guide, a coach

Effective children’s pastors are mentors. Another word for mentor is guide or coach. They take time to equip children, workers, and parents under their care. But you can’t mentor everyone. Jesus had many followers but only 12 disciples. He spent most of His time pouring into 3 of those 12 – John, Peter, and James. We can teach and pastor a great number of children and workers. But we need to limit who we mentor or coach. We need to pray and ask God who we should pour ourselves into, who we should mentor.


A children’s pastor is an evangelist, shepherd, and teacher to all children in his or her ministry. But a children’s pastor should also choose a few who love the Lord and show spiritual growth to become a mentor to. This should be your ministry team. Teach these children to minister in your children’s service. Teach them to be prayer warriors and altar workers. Give them responsibilities for ministry. Pour yourself into them. Spend time with them. Have a time you meet with them regularly and train them. This link talks more about how to do that.


Depending on how large your worker force is will determine how you go about this. If you have 20 or 30 workers or more under you, you’ll want a ministry team or no more than 10 that you mentor. That team will in turn mentor 5 to 10 people under them. If you have a small children’s ministry, you can mentor all of your workers. To mentor, you don’t only want to do teacher training. Mentoring involves developing relationships and having meetings where those you coach have a safe place to voice their concerns and contribute with ideas and planning.


You may have the opportunity to mentor a few parents on how to parent and incorporate spirituality into their childrens’ lives. Have resources available, but again, the most important aspect of mentoring is developing a relationship with parents.

Revival Fire For Kids Online Mentoring

Revival Fire For Kids Online Mentoring

Online Mentoring with Children’s Ministry Consultant and Revivalist, Tamera Kraft

 February 15 – May 24, 2010

Module 1: Biblical Pattern for Revival in Children’s Ministry

Limited to 8 children’s pastors

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 Who would benefit from this mentoring program?

  • Children’s pastors who want revival in their children’s ministry
  • Children’s pastors who believe the baptism and gifts of the Holy Spirit are for children
  • Children’s pastors who are Pentecostal and want to pass the torch to the next generation
  • Children’s pastors from small churches who can’t afford to pay a $3,000.00 on site consultation fee
  • Children’s pastors who want everything God has for them

What’s included in this program?

  • Online mentoring website and blog access
  • 12 Scheduled Chats in private chat room with Tamera and other participants
  • Emails and blog with 12 principles and homework assignments to apply them to your children’s ministry
  • Private Forum for 8 participants where they can connect with each other, learn from each other, make suggestions, and ask Tamera questions
  • Tamera’s private email and phone number for additional help

If Tamera Kraft came to your church and offered you this kind of coaching, it would cost $3,000.00.

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There’s more. You’ll also receive the following items valued at over $350.000 free of charge:

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Download List of 100 Children’s Ministry Resources and websites to find them (Reg. $10.00) 

List of Leadership Books beneficial to any Children’s Pastor

List of top Children’s Ministry Praise & Worship Songs and where to find them (Reg. $5.00) 

Downloadable Ebook of “Short Puppet Skits For Memory Verses” (Reg. $12.00)

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Space is limited. There’s only room for 8 people. I’ll take the first 8 people to sign up and pay.

After the first 8 spaces are gone, you can email me at revivalfire4kids@att.net to be placed on a waiting list, first come, first serve. If nobody drops out before February 15th, the first 8 people on the waiting list will be allowed to have the first chance to sign up for Module 1 again in September. Any questions, please email me.