Fundraiser Ideas


Fundraisers for missions seem to always be a source of frustration for many overworked children’s pastors. Yet, they are important to have a successful missions program. Today, I’ll give you some tips on fundraisers and some fundraising ideas. Effective fundraisers normally follow certain principles.

First, if you want the children to have a heart for missions, you need to choose a fundraiser they can participate in. How does it help a child to know that giving to missions is important if you do all the work and the giving?

Second, you want a fundraiser that isn’t more work than it’s worth. For each fundraiser, consider the profits you’ll make. You don’t want to spend days and months of hard work on a fundraiser that will only net you ten dollars. Decide wisely. Only expend a lot of time and energy on fundraisers that promise greater profit.

Third, plan your fundraiser carefully. Sometimes choosing the right date of the fundraiser can increase your profits greatly. For instance, if you have a bake sale on Mother’s Day, you’re more likely to raise money than if you have on in the middle of summer.

Here are some ideas for fundraisers that have worked for me:

Carwashes: Carwashes can be very effective if they’re done in the right way. First, go to WalMart or a fast food store, and ask if you can have the fundraiser there. Most places will agree readily and let you use their water. Some WalMarts will even match the funds you earn. You’ll have a lot more traffic then you would at the church. Also, make pre-carwash tickets on the computer, and sell them before the carwash. Many people in your church and community will by the tickets and forget about having their cars washed.

Cake and Pie Auction: Have kids help their parents bake pies and cakes for the auction. Then auction them off to the highest bidder.

Art Sale: Have the children do craft and art projects. Sell them after church for whatever the children can get for them. It’s amazing what a grandparent will pay for a drawing of a duck by their seven year old grandchild.

A-Thon: Bowl-a-thons, rock-a-thons, skate-a-thons, and just about any other kind of a-thon work well if the children are enthused about them.

Restaurants: Some restaurants have fundraising programs where they will give you a share of the profits for whatever they make on a certain night. That night is the perfect time for your church to have fellowship at that very restaurant. We church people love to eat. Why not make money for missions while we’re doing it?

These are just a few ideas for fundraisers. If you’ve had a successful fundraiser, please leave a comment and share it with us. Happy fundraising.