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Palm Sunday Lesson – Part 2

Object Lesson: Palms

OBJECT: hands

When Jesus entered Jerusalem, children and adult grabbed palm branches to praise him with. We don’t always have palm branches around, but we can still praise Jesus with our palm. (Hold up your hands.) God created us with 2 palms we can always use to praise Him with. Let’s hold up our palms now and shout “Praise the Lord”.

Object Lesson: Praise Words

Object: Marker board or overhead with praise words on it.

Did you know there’s different ways to praise God. In the Bible, there are many different Hebrew praise words that talk about different ways to praise God. Here are some of them.

  •  Tehillah (pronounced tehela) To sing our praise to God with all our hearts
  • Zamar (pronounced zamar) To use instruments to show praise
  • Shabach (pronounced shabak) To shout
  • Halal (pronounced halal) To celebrate, go mad over, or to be clamourously foolish. Similar to a celebration at a sporting event.
  • Machowl (pronounced machowil) To turn, skip, move around, lift the feet in dance
  • Towdah (pronounced toda) To extend the hands in acceptance or agreement with God’s words and promises before you see the answer
  • Yadah (pronounced yada) To lift the hand in praise
  • Sachaq (pronounced sawqua) To laugh
  • Guwl (pronounced gool) To dance or spin
  • Alats (pronounced awlais) To let out a battle cry

Object Lesson: The Rocks Will Cry Out

Objects: rocks 

Have any of you ever heard a rock talk? After the Pharisees tried to get Jesus to stop the children from praising him, Jesus said something very interesting. He said if we don’t praise him, the rocks will cry out praise. I don’t want the rocks to cry out my praise. I want to praise God.

Children’s Sermon: Ordained Praise

These notes are to help you form a children’s sermon in your own words.

The NIV version of the memory verse says “From the lips of children and infants, God has ordained praise.” The greek word translated praise means to lead or to begin. That means God not only wants children to praise Him, He wants children to begin the praise and to lead the praise. Basically children should be the examples in the  church of what it means to praise God.