Frustrations In Children’s Minsitry: Senior Pastors

There are times when the greatest frustration a children’s pastor has is the senior pastor of the church. This is the most frustrating because this is the person God has placed in authority over you. When you go against your senior pastor, even if he’s in the wrong, you are going against God. So what is the right way to handle this frustration?

Remember the senior pastor’s vision is not only for the children’s ministry but for the entire church. Your vision should support his, not the other way around. Sometimes that means the children’s ministry will have to be on the back burner while another ministry is promoted. You need to be an advocate of the children’s ministry, but at times, you swallow your pride. and allow the senior pastor to make the decision.

Ask your pastor what you can do to help him fulfill his vision. It may be that he wants visitation to be a large part of growing the church. If you don’t know this, you might be spending so much time with other methods, you never visit the children in your ministry. You might inadvertently be the source of the problem.

Pray for your senior pastor. Pray for him, not that he’ll do what you want. Pray God gives him the wisdom to lead effectively.

If you don’t agree with your pastor, do what he wants anyway. Don’t grumble. Don’t complain. Don’t tell others that you disagree. Do it as unto the Lord. Let God work it out if he’s wrong.

Ask God to show you where you’re at fault. If you need to repent or to ask the pastor’s forgiveness, do it as quickly as possible. Don’t go against the man God has put in authority over you.

If you can’t submit the senior pastor’s leadership, it’s time to move on to another church. Do it in the right way. Don’t badmouth him. Part ways as peaceably as possible. Take the high road, and God will lead you to where He wants you to be.