Teaching Children to Pray at the Altars

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Child PrayingChildren should be encouraged to pray for others at the altar. Here’s some ways to do that.

Intergenerational Services: If your children are in intergenerational services at times, talk to your pastor about allowing them to pray for adults at the altar call. Assure your pastor that you are training the children to work the altars.

Hand Placement: Teach children proper placement of their hands when praying for someone at the altar. Remember that children are shorter, and unless trained, their hands might land on inappropriate places.

What to Pray for:

If your students are assisting someone else who is praying, have them listen to what is being prayed and agree with that prayer.

If the child is leading the prayer, have him ask the person what he should pray for. If that’s not practical, have the child pray that God will bless the person he’s praying for and meet his needs.

Also encourage children to listen to the Holy Spirit when praying. God may tell them what to pray for.

Have children as your altar workers in children’s church. This is the best way to teach children how to pray and the altar and to give them confidence for other prayer situations.

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