Types of Calendars

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Schedules and calendars are vital to an effective children’s ministry. Here’s some types of calendars and calendar sharing you can use.

Old School Planners: Some people don’t do well planning on a computer or tablet. This need to write out their plans. If this is you and you want to use  paper planners, the best resource is Franklin Planners available at most office supply stores. Look at what they have available, and choose one that fits your needs.

Microsoft Outlook: If you have a Windows computer, there’s nothing better than Microsoft Outlook to plan your schedule.

ICal: ICal is a calendar program that comes standard on most Apple devices. It’s easy to use and easy to sync.

Google Calendars: If you prefer an online calendar, then Google Calendars is your best choice.

Syncing: Syncing calendars can be done with Windows Live, Dropbox, and other programs or by using an online calendar such as Google, but the best method is to use the I-Cloud. Click here for instructions on how to sync calendars using I-Cloud.



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