Types of Puppets

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DSC_1032There are many types of puppets. If you’re considering starting a puppet ministry, it’s a good idea to decide ahead of time what types of puppets will work best for you. Here areĀ a few that work well for children’s ministry.

Hand Puppets: Hand puppets are puppets where the operator puts his hand in the puppet to control it. They come in animal and human form and are available in various sizes.

DSC_1160Rod Puppets: Rod puppets are hand puppets that had rods attached to the arms so the puppeteer can control arm movement.

Wrap Around: Wrap around puppets are usually animal hand puppet that have long arms and legs that wrap around the operator and attach to each other. These are usually used in ventriloquism.

Full Body Puppets: Full body puppets are usually the size of an adult and require more than one operator.

Black Light Puppets: Black light puppets require some preparation. They are glow in the dark hand puppets. To crate the black light effect, a room must be completely darkened, and a black light bulb is lit.

Ventriloquism Dummies: Ventriloquism dummies require some training on how to use the devices inside the make the dummy move and to learn ventriloquism.

Marionettes: Marionette puppets have strings attached and need training to operate.


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